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Whistleblower Laws Archives

Whistleblower Claims: What Is Pretext?

whistleblower.jpgThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines pretext as a justification offered for an action that differs from the real reason the action was taken. In a whistleblower case, pretext generally means that the employer's articulated reasoning for an adverse employment action was either completely false or was used as a cover in order to punish the employee for their protected whistleblower activity. If you believe adverse employment action was taken against you because of your protected whistleblower activity, you need to speak to an experienced San Jose whistleblower claims attorney immediately.

Whistleblower Laws: Employee Protection and Benefits Associated with Blowing the Whistle

california-whistleblower-laws.jpgDeciding when to blow the whistle on the employer that pays you money to take care of yourself and your family is never an easy task. An employee becomes a whistleblower when he or she exposes the illegal actions or conduct of their employer. The actions of these whistleblowers provide a great service to our country and protect consumers, forcing companies and various other employers to abide by the rules or pay a hefty fine for their illegal conduct.