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How do I get paid when my customer files for bankruptcy?

One of the most frustrating things you may deal with in your business is waiting for clients or customers to pay their bills. If you have a tight budget, overdue payments may create some tense moments as you figure out how to meet your own obligations. You likely have a system in place for requesting payment, including sending out invoices, followed by reminders and, finally, warnings.

Titans of Mavericks, LLC Files for Bankruptcy Protection

bankruptcy-protection.jpgAccording to reporting from The Mercury News, Titans of Mavericks, LLC, a surfing events and lifestyle brand headquartered in San Mateo County, California, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. Court records and reports indicate that the company is attempting to use the bankruptcy process and the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections to help ensure that its assets and intellectual property are able to be sold off to a new buyer.

Tech Startups Must Consider the Value of Their Intellectual Property

start-up.jpgBeyond being home to some of the biggest tech businesses in the world, the Bay Area remains a top location for startups. As was reported in a study from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship, San Francisco and San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara are both ranked among the top-ten regions in the United States to start a tech company. Of course, forming a new company comes with many challenges. Here, our Silicon Valley business law attorneys focus one of the most important aspects of starting a new tech company: Intellectual property rights.

4 types of employment contracts your business may need

Whether you have just started your own business or hope to expand on your growing enterprise, you likely understand that in order to achieve your goals, you may need to create business relationships. These relationships may come in the simple form of hiring employees to help carry out duties or to more complex connections through partnerships. No matter what steps you may take to form new ties, having agreements in place can prove beneficial.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: How Do You Finance Post-Filing Operations?

chapter-11.jpgChapter 11 bankruptcy is also frequently referred to as a restructuring bankruptcy or as a reorganization bankruptcy. This is because the primary purpose of this type of bankruptcy is to allow the filing business to shed burdensome liabilities so that it can come out of the process on a sustainable financial path. Of course, actually getting through Chapter 11 and coming out in good shape can be difficult for any business. In fact, far too many businesses fail to ever regain stable financial footing. Ultimately, there is one specific challenge that all filing businesses face: The ability to access capital for post-filing business operations.

Were You the Victim of Mortgage Fraud in the Bay Area?

mortgage-fraud.jpgMortgage fraud remains a serious problem in the Bay Area and throughout the state of California. According to the Annual Mortgage Fraud Report that was conducted by researchers at LexisNexis, California has the ninth most mortgage fraud cases for any state in the country on a population-adjusted basis. Mortgage fraud affects both individuals and businesses. If you believe your company was the victim of mortgage fraud in Northern California, you need to speak with an experienced San Jose real estate fraud attorney today to discuss your legal options.

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