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September 2015 Archives

California Bankruptcy Exemptions: What You Can Keep

bankruptcy exemption.jpgWhen you file for a bankruptcy in California, you may exempt, or protect, some of your property from creditors. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are allowed to keep this property. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, exempt property will not be counted towards the value of your assets, which ultimately reduces your monthly payments to creditors.

Creditors' Rights: Alternative Ways Businesses Can Collect Judgments against Debtors

creditor rights.jpgYou may have just won the case against the debtor, and received a judgment against him or her, but your work is far from over. Although you received a judgment against the debtor, collecting on that judgment has proven to be the hardest part of this process for most creditors. Luckily, there are many collection techniques available today that might make the process easier.

California Business Litigation: Understanding the Repercussions of Shareholder Disputes

shareholder disagreements.jpgAlthough the shareholders have aligned objectives when they create a corporation, or invest in one, their goals may change over the life of the corporation. This commonly leads to shareholder disputes. These disputes may arise among evenly divided shareholders (50-50) or between minority and majority shareholders. Some common issues that give rise to shareholder disputes involve control or direction of the corporation, financial difficulties, mismanagement, election of corporate officers, voluntary and involuntary dissolution, wrongdoing or oppression of minority shareholders.

Halting Wage Garnishment in California

wage garnishment.jpgSometimes, it is very easy or tempting to ignore paying bills, such as taxes, student loans or even a court judgment entered against you. If you continue to ignore your debts for a significant period of time, creditors or debt collectors will take the next step and hit you where it hurts most-your wallet, and move to garnish your wages and/or bank account(s). However, garnishment of your wages or bank account will not occur until the court intervenes and issues a judgment requiring your employer to withhold wages or portions of your bank account(s) to pay back outstanding debts.

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